The Meaning of Colour

The impact of colour on our lives:

The increase of spiritual awareness by man, like his increased awareness of astrology or the psychic senses, often uses colours to create a deeply significant symbolism, which relates to the universal laws of nature.
Here are some examples:

  • The Catholic Church: The Pope is dressed in white, the Cardinals in red, the Bishops in purple and the priests in black.
  • Freemasonry: The three symbolic colours (white, black and red) are all important and all three have relevance in the Masonic rituals.
  • The Hindu religion: The Hindus believe that we have an astral body, a physical body and a spiritual body," that only the enlightened or psychic are capable of perceiving.

Every year, the Festival of Holi, sometimes called The Festival of Colours is a practiced in India, in Nepal and by Hindu communities worldwide. It celebrates the victory of good over evil, the spring equinox and the history of the divine couple Radha and Krishna. It is a festival where all religious, linguistic and cultural barriers are broken. For two days, India explodes in colour.

Colours are present around us but are also within us. Each colour is associated with a type of emotion “Got the blues”, "red with anger,” “In the pink"  These common phrases are not the result of chance: There are however quite usual representations which are pretty universal of the different colors, which according to our colourful environment will dictate gaiety or sadness, mood changes and so on, and each color has its role within our emotional palette. You will find below for each colour; the keywords of energy they carry.

The symbolism of colours:

BLUE: Physical balance; spiritual, thoughtful and serene behavior. Provides calm and encourages caution. Indicates an inclination for sentimentality and love based on pure and tender feelings. The colour of the throat Chakra, blue is the colour of communication, of speech and self-expression.

LIGHT BLUE:  Always a favourable colour, the source of success, good fortune, honour and a love of life.

DARK BLUE: Dark Blue or Indigo can tell us that some precautions may need to be taken on a hidden factor, blue softens some situations where you might be the victim. It is the Colour of the depths of the unconscious as well as being the colour of the third eye chakra, the centre of clairvoyance, psychic abilities and sensing and imagination.

PURPLE : Purple or Violet is the colour of the Crown Chakra. It indicates a connection with Spirituality. It is a feeling of being at one and in a blissful state, usually of peace.

RED: Passion, ardour, generosity, loyalty, generally red is a happy colour, although it also indicates rage and anger. An excess of anger can lead to circulatory problems and fever. Red is the colour of the Root or Base Chakra representing instinct, survival and security. The red flashing warning light tells us when something is wrong, as well as being vibrant and happy when at peace.

BLACK:  The Sign of Wisdom, but equally the colour of the shadows and hidden side of things Projects should be reviewed, or there may be some risk of failure.

YELLOW: Yellow is the colour of the mental state and it favours intuition, warmth, intellect and helps promote study. The colour yellow brings understanding of our emotional mechanisms. It is the colour of the Solar Plexus Chakra, the Chakra of personal power and of the freedom to be oneself.



GREEN: The colour of hope. It signifies the intention to ensure the fulfilment of our desires. Green brings calm, peace and creativity in artistic fields. It symbolizes the awakening of life, the beginning of a realisation of our desires. Green (with Pink) is the colour of the Heart Chakra, the sign of love balance and compassion.

PINK:  the alternative colour of the heart chakra. Pink usually represents indulgence, delicacy, daintiness, gentle joy. Pink brings happy meetings to fruition. It is the colour of youthful joy, it is fresh and candid. It announces the beginnings of a new love.

GREY: Meditation, passivity and imagination. The need to seek the cause of a hidden factor. Grey represents integrity, a methodical mind. Loyalty and discretion are also connected with various shades of grey.

ORANGE (OCRE): The colour of Fidelity and happy marriage. A good, friendly understanding or the conclusion of a case. Ochre encourages moderation and advises caution. It is a balancing point where we must think to take stock of a situation. Orange is the colour of the Sacral Chakra, the chakra that governs relationships, which controls sexuality, emotion and creativity.

WHITE: Pure luck, good intentions, sweet words and wisdom. White calls for the realisation of our hopes. It announces renewal, an invitation to a new life. It is usually a fundamental change, with a contribution of new knowledge. White will remain the colour of purity and loyalty.

GOLD: Light and strength in the ideas that spring forth and enable achievement. It is the colour that can achieve everything by seeking perfection. Gold diffuses and exalts the mind and the power of thought.