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WomensDestiny offers you its " vision of slimming."

Here, we use the word "diet" once only! Why? Because in our minds this is a word which can conjure up frustration and depriving ourselves of the things we love! And presented with the multitude of methods that exist to lose weight, if the miracle method actually existed, we would probably all know about it. This doesn’t even go into discussion of abstinence or deficiencies that some are affected with, leading to dangerous imbalances in their health.

The role of the Brain;

Let us not forget that it is the most sensitive organ of our bodies and that it is perfectly made. When we eat, its function is to send information to our digestive system. Without changing our diet, we can make a start by simply making a better effort to chew the contents of the plate in front of us. We can practice chewing our food and, via messages sent from our taste buds that capture information on the food we are eating, the brain will detect our needs. It then sends an order to the digestive system to metabolize the food, keeping what the body needs.

The process of "hunger" is cerebral. If we listen to our brains, our diet will be balanced with no major effort on our part. Many of us confuse hunger with the "hole in the stomach syndrome" and this impression of being hungry. This sensation is nothing less than a detoxification of the body. Some people can suffer from hypoglycaemia. Of course, if you eat at this time, the body stops the process, always favouring ingestion to digestion. Our digestive system is made like this. A whole belief mechanism exists around hunger. The most common of the collective unconscious is the "fear of starvation." This comes from ancestral memories passed down from generation to generation. And when we eat? It is important to know that a healthy diet functions as a kind of medication. Keep that in mind!

Simply put, the information given out in the media strongly suggested that we should eat five portions of fruits and vegetables a day, preferably raw, and this is an excellent base to begin with. The morphology for each individual is of course different. (Morphology is the form and structure of an organism, considered as a whole) A professional nutritionist who looks at an overall vision of health could also consider this at a deeper level.

Varying the types of fruits and vegetables provides a diversified supply of vitamins and trace elements that can be quickly assimilated by our body. Various proteins, meat, nuts, and fish are the best-known additions to these.

Being a vegetarian is not necessarily a choice for everyone. Of course, there is no intention to put any pressure on anyone, we should all do things as we feel. If you feel reluctant, begin to incorporate this way of eating bit by bit.

And the fun in that? Yes, indeed, what do we do with this idea? Just consider starting with the pleasures, things that are pleasing to the eye. A well- presented dish, bursting with a variety of colours of seasonal vegetables, accompanied with some protein or without, already enraptures your brain and taste buds; your body will feel ready to receive them! And for dessert? Ah, Yes! Well, there are soy yogurt, cooked fruits, fruity compotes without added sugar ... etc.

Trust your body!

WomensDestiny says;

A good chocolate cake! Yes, provided you eat it thoughtfully, and especially in a guilt free manner. Anyway, whatever you choose to eat, your body will let you know if you are being excessive or depriving yourself….