Coaching is a profession that offers personalised programs for each person and / or a group of people, in a process committed to improvements in their professional and / or personal life . Those being coached learn to appreciate, enhance and deepen their knowledge and their performance.

The first meaning of the word "coach" was a large horse-drawn carriage" which in 1830, at Oxford University led to a figurative sense of " instructor / trainer, " meaning a guardian or mentor accompanying a student to exam stage.

The word coaching came from North America and appeared in France as early as the 1980s. It is interesting to state that the coach and the learner, sometimes also called "the coachee," are on an equal level. The philosophy of this is that one of the roots of coaching is re-education, guided by the sharing of knowledge. The ability to ask oneself questions and look at problems, to find solutions to these and achieve greater illumination in the required aspects of life.


The term has become very fashionable these days, the fact remains that it is a profession with the ability to reveal your own hidden talents. There are various kinds of coaching, of which some examples are:

  • Business Coaching
  • Sports Coaching
  • Life Coaching
  • Love Coaching
  • Beauty Coaching.
  • Slimming Coaching.
  • Personal coaching.
  • Coaching accompanying a cognitive behavioural therapy, NLP ... etc

The list is not exhaustive. Coaching can be coupled with many other areas, so that sometimes we lose the first intended meaning of the word.

For us here at WomensDestiny, let us take look at psychic coaching. First, let us differentiate between a psychic and medium:

  • The psychic: A person who predicts the future regardless of his or her method.
  • The medium: Seeing that uses voice vibrations or a person’s energy and the dead, to see the future.

In quite a few instances, both methods may be used by the same person. But where does coaching come in all this? Its role is to help you become aware of a possible blockage in a present situation which might be preventing the optimal outcome to a situation. 

Generally, the coaching is given in several sessions to provide a deep level of learning and to develop solutions. 

The psychic/ medium, equipped with their tools, guides you to open your energy and your mind on your past situations, that have then developed into repetitive patterns in your current situation.

Some examples of these may be, long term celibacy, the inability to stay in a relationship, the pattern of always falling for the same type of person, difficulty making friends, lack of fulfillment in one’s professional field, recurring financial problems, feeling forced to do things to please, lack of confidence, fear of love ... etc.

There are almost endless amounts of examples.

Coaching can last for just a short time for a particular result. If the result is effective and satisfying for the client in a short period of time, he will stop the coaching as it will no longer be required. 

Another type of client may feel the need to go further in their quest for happiness and liberation. 

It should be remembered that this type of coaching is not a replacement for a psychological approach.

The first goal is to for you to find yourself, to find free will in every situation of your life. This is the vision that we offer here at WomensDestiny.

WomensDestiny brings you the tools to live in your present and better see the way forwards to your future. 

The advice from Womensdestiny

The psychic coach or medium/coach will work with you specifically on your well- defined problem or issue. 

The conversation, the sharing and the active listening elements, coupled with the coaching from the psychic will guide you, if you are ready, to take control of your life. 

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