Every individual receives 3 Guardian Angels at birth. The qualities and the energies of each of these angels tell us the strengths that we have acquired in other lives. They also tell us those we can develop in our lives today as well as the weaknesses that we must overcome.

So, what is the point of you knowing your 3 Angels?

As in astrology, the moment of birth serves us as a simple benchmark and a starting point. The goal of working with angelic states of consciousness is therefore not only to integrate our own three Guardian Angels, but to gain the full knowledge that is represented by the 72 angels of the initiatory tradition.

Our1st Angel is the physical Angel, known as the Nefesh.

The 2nd Angel is the emotional Angel known as the Ruach.

The 3rd Angel is Angel of Spirituality known as the Neshamah.

Our 1st Guardian Angel corresponds to the physical body. He guides the world of action. He is our companion from life to death on this Earth.

Please find below your corresponding angel, calculated from your date of birth (day + month).


You were born between theAngel numberName of Angel
1st January to 5 January57NEMAMIAH
06 January to 10 January58YEIALEL
11 January to 15 January59HARAHEL
16 January to 20 January60MITZRAEL
21 January to 25 January61UMABEL
26 January to 30 January62IAHHEL
31 January to 4 February63ANTOEL
5 February to 9 February64MEHIEL
10 February to 14 February65DAMABIAH
15 February to 19 February66MANAKEL
20 February to 24 February67EYAEL
25 February to 29 February68HABUHIAH
1st March to 5 March69ROCHEL
6 March to 10 March70JABAMIAH
11 March to 15 March71HAIAIEL
16 March to 20 March72MUMIAH
21 March to 25 March1VEHUIAH
26 March to 30 March2JELIEL
31 March to 4 April3SITAEL
5 April to 9 April4ELEMIAH
10 April to 14 April5MAHASIAH
15 April to 20 April6LELAHEL
21 April to 25 April7ACHAIAH
26 April to 30 April8CAHETEL
1st May to 5 May9HAZIEL
6 May to 10 May10ALADIAH
11 May to 15 May11LAUVIAH
16 May to 20 May12HAHAIAH
21 May to 25 May13IEZALEL
26 May to 31 May14MEBAHEL
1st June to 5 June15HARIEL
6 June to 10 June16HEKAMIAH
11 June to 15 June17LAUVIAH
16 June to 21 June18CALIEL
22 June to 26 June19LEUVIAH
27 June to 1st July20PAHALIAH
2 July to 6 July21NELKHAEL
7 July to 11 July22YEIAYEL
12 July to 16 July23MELAHEL
17 July to 22 July24HAHEUIAH
23 July to 27 July25NITH-HAIAH
28 July to 1st August26HAAIAH
02 August to 6 August27YERATHEL
07 August to 12 August28SEHEIAH
13 August to 17 August29REIYEL
18 August to 22 August30OMAEL
23 August to 28 August31LECABEL
29 August to 2 September32VASARIAH
03 September to 7 September33YEHUIAH
08 sept to 12 September34LEHAIAH
13 sept to 17 September35CHAVAKHIAH
18 sept to 23 September36MENADEL
24 sept to 28 September37ANIEL
29 September to 3 October38HAAMIAH
04 October to 8 October39REHAEL
09 October to 13 October40IEIAZEL
14 oct to 18 October41HAHAHEL
19 oct to 23 October42MIKAEL
24 oct to 28 October43VEULIAH
29 October to 2 November44YELAHIAH
03 November to 7 November45SEALIAH
08 nov to 12 November46ARIEL
13 nov to 17 November47ASALIAH
18 nov to 22 November48MIHAEL
23 nov to 27 November49VEHUEL
28 nov to 2 December50DANIEL
03 December to 7 December51HAHASIAH
08 December to 12 December52IMAMIAH
13 December to 16 December53NANAEL
17 December to 21 December54NITHAEL
22 December to 26 December55MEBAHIAH
27 December to 31 December56POYEL

The 2nd Guardian Angel corresponds to emotions and feelings. It shows us our potential and virtues that we must work emotionally. It also corresponds to the actions we take. Please find below your 2nd Guardian Angel, from the day of your birth.


56929571645331 /32611948737
211345131601847434/ 35642353
2416 & 1748434632150737672656
261950636652351 & 52939692858
2720517376624521040702959 & 60
3023 1040692755134313263
3124 11 70 5614 2 64

The 3rd Guardian Angel is the Angel of intellect and the world of thoughts. He is in charge of our spirituality and therefore of our karma. Please find below your 3rd Guardian Angel from the time of your birth.


Hour of BirthAngel
00h00 -  00h191Vehuiah
00h20 -  00h392Jeliel
00h40 -  00h593Sitael
01h00 -  01h194Elemiah
01h20 -  01h395Mahasiah
01h40 -  01h596Lelahel
02h00 -  02h197Achaiah
02h20 -  02h398Cahetel
02h40 -  02h599Haziel
03h00 -  03h1910Aladiah
03h20 -  03h3911Ltoviah
03h40 -  03h5912Hahaiah
04h00 -  04h1913Iezalel
04h20 -  04h3914Mebahel
04h40 -  04h5915Hariel
05h00 -  05h1916Hekamiah
05h20 -  05h3917Lauviah
05h40 -  05h5918Caliel
06h00 -  06h1919Leuviah
06h20 -  06h3920Pahaliah
06h40 -  06h5921Nelkhael
07h00 -  07h1922Yeiayel
07h20 -  07h3923Melahel
07h40 -  07h5924Haheuiah
08h00 -  08h1925Nith-Haiah
08h20 -  08h3926Haaiah
08h40 -  08h5927Yerathel
09h00 -  09h1928Seheiah
09h20 -  09h3929Reiyel
09h40 -  09h5930Omael
10h00 -  10h1931Lecabel
10h20 -  10h3932Vasariah
10h40 -  10h5933Yehuiah
11h00 -  11h1934Lehahiah
11h20 -  11h3935Chavakhiah
11h40 -  11h5936Menadel
12h00 -  12h1937Aniel
12h20 -  12h3938Haamiah
12h40 -  12h5939Rehael
13h00 -  13h1940Ieiazel
13h20 -  13h3941Hahahel
13h40 -  13h5942Mikael
14h00 -  14h1943Veuliah
14h20 -  14h3944Yelahiah
14h40 -  14h5945Sealiah
15h00 -  15h1946Ariel
15h20 -  15h3947Asaliah
15h40 -  15h5948Mihael
16h00 -  16h1949Vehuel
16h20 -  16h3950Daniel
16h40 -  16h5951Hahasiah
17h00 -  17h1952Imamiah
17h20 -  17h3953Nanael
17h40 -  17h5954Nithael
18h00 -  18h1955Mebahiah
18h20 -  18h3956Poyel
18h40 -  18h5957Nemamiah
19h00 -  19h1958Yeialel
19h20 -  19h3959Harahel
19h40 -  19h5960Mitzrael
20h00 -  20h1961Umabel
20h20 -  20h3962Iahhel
20h40 -  20h5963Antoel
21h00 -  21h1964Mehiel
21h20 -  21h3965Damabiah
21h40 -  21h5966Manakel
22h00 -  22h1967Eyael
22h20 -  22h3968Habuhiah
22h40 -  22h5969Rochel
23h00 -  23h1970Jabamiah
23h20 -  23h3971Haiaiel
23h40 -  23h5972Mumiah

The Symbolic meaning and Purpose of the Angels

1VEHUIAHTransformation.A powerful will to create and to transform. This first Angel is the angel of new beginnings. Often the hardest thing is to get started , it requires willpower, creativity, innovation, strength, conviction and more. This angel brings an abundance of all of these to ensure success in every new project.
2JELIELFertility and fidelityFertility, love and wisdom combined. The angel of peace between spouses and between employers and employees, thus is an Angel for healing relationship or bringing love to any situation.
3SITAELResponsibility and successProvides to those who pray for courage before adversity. Conquering difficulties and misfortune.
4ELEMIAHSuccess and protection, the pathfinderProfessional success, spiritual protection, protection for travel and all journies whether physical or spiritual.
5MAHASIAHPeace and Harmony, RectificationRectifies problems before they happen. Shows us the ability to live in peace in all situations.
6LELAHELHealth and HealingThe divine Light that heals everything. The light of understanding and the balance of the material and spiritual
7ACHAIAHUnderstanding and faith, patienceThe rediscovery of faith, the lesson of patience. This Angel loves the finding of the truth and is relevant to the news and current affairs. He also helps in study.
8CAHETELHarvest and BlessingsThe ability to understand Divine workings and intervention. The Bearer of Divine Blessings. The balance between the physical and spiritual worlds.
9HAZIELMercy, forgiveness and unconditional love Love and affection of those closest to you. Forgiveness, reconciliation, trust and sincerity. The transformer of negative energy to positive.
10ALADIAHTolerance, integrity and GraceHe gives us the inspiration we need. The angel of Karma, who loves everything fair, and is able to reset the balance.
11LAUVIAHWisdom and victoryA great Wisdom. Success and Joy.This angel gives positive drive to overcome strife, misery, sadness and gives us restful sleep and vivid dreams.
12HAHAIAHProtection.Gives protection when faced with adversity. This is the angel of shelter from harm. All the good things about home belong with him, safety, calm, order and he is able to bring those about. He also brings calm and peace of mind.
13YEZALELReconciliation. Fidelity and Loyalty.An angel of harmony who likes the balance of yin and yang in any situation, this angel brings harmony in relationships, fidelity and true friendship. Perfect harmony with others.
14MEBAHELRighteousness, Truth, Liberation and commitmentThis is the Angel for relationship decisions. He is an angel who can redress the balance, and guide you in making the right decisions for the right times. He likes the Truth, honesty and commitment to the cause at hand.
15HARIELLiberation, Purification.As well as giving inspiration to being committed at work, Hariel also liberates you from addictions as well as being a physical healer
16HÉKAMIAHFriendship, LoyaltyThis angel loves all things equal and brings loyalty to the just.He brings peace to the negative and heals broken friendships, situations of strife and brings peace and calm.
17LAVIAHPremonition.This Angel works through your dreams to give you premonitions and closes the gaps between the spiritual and the material worlds so you can understand the messages. She can also help improve your psychic intuition.
18CALIELTruth and Justice.He fights for Victory and Divine Justice. The patron of Judges, Lawyers and Notary Publics, he brings about Justice at the highest level and will introduce integrity where needed.
19LEUVIAHLetting goGrace and the Blessings of Providence. The memories of our past lives are held by Leuviah. The holder also of the Akashic records reminds us to hang onto only what we need hold on to, to achieve a higher and greater existence.
20PAHALIAHVocation, DeliveranceHe has the ability to understand our grand plans and helps u see the reality of the bad or good we are doing, or are having done to us and set this to rights. He is purifying and can help us get rid of old outdated habits.
21NELCHAELLearningMeditation, study and learning. Even the most difficult exams to pass can have a helping hand from this Angel, as well as spiritual evolution through learning and practice.
22YEIAYELRespect and FameGood luck shines upon you with the Angel of good fortune, Celebrity and fame. Accomplishment in the arts, sciences, in discovery. Protection in travel.
23MELAHELHealingThe healer and the patron angel of doctors and healers. He will help you give you the knowledge you need to regain a healthy lifestyle as well as consider alternative therapies.
24HAHEUIAHProtectionAn angel who offers us protection by warning us of the hidden dangers whether physical or spiritual dangers such as curses ir the evil eye. This is the patron angel of law officers. This angel also helps us bring difficult periods to a close and repairs karma.
25NITH-HAIAHWisdom and Understanding, Mysticism This Angel helps us understand the Divine Mysteries, the spiritual and the occult and educate us in these arts and how to use spiritual forces.
26HAAIAHTruth, ambitionYour assistance when seeking the truth, and helping us with the ability to making the right decisions and make our right choices fairly and wisely with spiritual balance
27YERATELThe missionThe mission to carry us towards the light, to stay always looking on the bright side and keep hope burning and have confidence in ourselves. He delivers us from evil.
28SEHEIAHLongevityThe Angel who protects you from accidents, mishaps and downfalls and brings you a long and happy life.
29REIYELInspiration and liberation.Gives you celestial inspiration to follow a spiritual goal that can set you free from your shackles. The patron of fresh air, mountains and the great outdoors where material things pale
30OMAELPatience.For the impatient, Omael will teach you with his warm lessons of patience. He loves honesty. He also dominates the animal kingdom.
31LECABELGlory, Intellect and TalentIf you want to be good at something, rise slowly but surely to success or even fame and need to be exact and precise in your actions or your work, then Lecabel is your Angel
32VASARIAHSupport, GraceThe help of Divine Justice, particularly in legal matters, this Angel is at help to influence where Justice needs to be meted. The angel of Grace and Mercy.
33YEHUIAHProtection from aboveLa protection contre tout plan hostile. This Angel offers protection to those who deserve it and have good intentions. This angel can help you identify a wrong doer.
34LEHAHIAHCalmness and PeaceThe understanding of the Divine laws, ultimate love, understanding and peace, obedience.
35CHAVAKHIAHForgiveness and harmonyPeace and harmony with your loved ones and family, reconciliation in times of dispute, this Angel loves truth and justice and equilibrium.
36MENADELLiberation.The force we need to rid ourselves of bad habits, the liberator, he also helps us with our work and careers, particularly to make the right choices and to learn and adapt in many other situations
37ANIELThe ability for ChangeThis Angel helps us overcome any obstacle and enables us to ring in important changes in our lives. He helps us to understand karmic patterns and gives us force for progress.
38HAAMIAHThe TruthFor seekers of the truth, this angel offers us protection. He guides you to the daily routines you need to bring into your life for achievement. He stands also for ceremonies, services and rituals that need to be followed for self- improvement.
39REHAELDiscernment.Love, respect and sensitivity is what Rahael can guide us to promote in our lives. He encourages us to trust and can teach us the meaning of love while obeying and respecting.
40YEIAZELHelpYeiazel offers us consolation without grief. He can provide us with extra energy to recuperate after illness or loss and give us hope for the future.
41HAHAHELFaithThe ability for faith and to battle against the enemies of the faith. This Angel has religious contexts for missionaries and defenders of the faith, as well as offering hope and protection for the meek and needy
42MIKHAELDiscernmentThis angel gives you encouragement and the flair to succeed. He protects you on your travels. He helps you unravel the threads and find a solution to your problems
43VEULIAHWealthThe wealth in business, but also an abundance of wealth in one's life. He brings joy and inner and outer success, he helps find the routes to overcoming our enemies and more.
44YÉLAHIAHTolerance and patience.He brings you courage during the difficult moments in your life, even helping if i us who creates our own inner conflicts that we battle against, he helps lay the paths for peace through learning patience and tolerance on a Karmic level.
45SEALIAHSuccess and MotivationThe Angel who motivates and gives you drive to succeed in all matters. He removes the obstacles in our paths so the way is clear for progress and forward movement. He is also the patron of the 4 elements.
46ARIELNatureThrough our dreams we make new realities. Through our psychic perceptions we find extra paths and enlightenment. Ariel is the director and producer of psychic signs, pointing out the way to spiritual enlightenment and giving us special spiritual insight.
47ASALIAHTruthThe truth through reflective process. He is the mentor that allows us to reach our highest capability and find our own truths. He pushes us to judge ourselves and find our inner truths and thus find elevation
48MIHAELLove, Fruition Peace, love, friendship and fidelity in relationships. Also marriages bearing fruit, Mihael has input on sex , reproduction, fertility and abundance in this respect.
49VEHUELFameThis angel gives a hand to expansion, fulfilment of the arts, the steps of which may lead to fame. He inspires us and helps us believe in our dreams and make them a reality.
50DANIELGrace, loveThe ability to find grace, beauty and love once more, Daniel is the Angel of marriage and good communication. He can be called upon to assist in repairing all kinds of relationships and to implement healing where needed
51HAHASIAHWisdomThe elevation of the soul to greater wisdom and peace on a spiritual level. Healing through learning, finding the root cause of illnesses as well as gaining greater spiritual knowledge.
52IMAMIAHProtection and respect.The extra force needed to combat your enemies. This Angel is a strong protector and a defender of the weak. Enables the making of peace with our enemies and protects us when travelling and finds an easy path to difficult work.
53NANAELKnowledge and inspiration.The inspiration to study. An angel of better communication at an elevated and spiritual level. Spiritual communication, meditation as well as a key helper for scientists and the clergy on a practical level.
54NITHAELListening and balanceOffers strong protection to heads of states, and powerful people as well as those committed to a spiritual life. This is also the Angel of beauty, rejuvenation and eternal life. The ability to return to childhood memories.
55MEBAHIAHInspiration and clarityThe possibility to live a spiritual life, this angel gives power to accomplish and succeed in any situation and gives clarity of thought and lucidity to move forwards. Also the protector of children.
56POYELKnowledge and Ability, Good luckThis Angel furnishes you with positive thinking to lead a more complete life. He brings you hope and good energy, positive ideas and environment, He lays the paving stones for optimism and positivity in every aspect.
57NEMAMIAHProsperity, DiscernmentThis Angel helps you to advance in your career. If you are lost in details, snowed under with work, this Angel will help you unravel the threads, sort out priorities and advance on the path of fortune. He can also help you solve disagreements in relationships.
58YEIALELHealing and battlesComfort and support when needed. A strong supporter of the good, this Angel battle against evil and is a strong protector against the evil eye. He gives us mental power and also protects blacksmiths and those who work with iron, as well as programmers.
59HARAHELIntellectual WisdomThis angel resonates with healing energy, allowing us to advance with clear thinking and to gain greater wisdom. He protects those working in finance and brokering, writing and journalism as well as being a healer for the reproductive organs, promoting a long healthy life.
60MITZRAELLiberation and RepairThe angel of liberation and internal reparation. He can heal through spiritual awareness and helps in cases of mental ailments and with the brain. He heals the physical, spiritual, mental and physical and brings these together in symbiotic unity, Protector of psychologists and those working in mental health.
61UMABELFriendship, AffinityThis angel helps you in times of discord and can help establish or re-establish relationships. Helps us see through a person to their core. He gives us social skills and is the Angel of friendship
62IAH-HELHappiness and WisdomThe guide that gives you bright ideas for advancement who encourages happiness and wisdom. Rediscovery of knowledge and happy meetings between men and women, peace and pacifism
63ANIANUELHealth and CourageA strong protector for health and to have great courage and bravery. Protects against accidents and heals the sick. Helps also in commerce and finance. Strong intuition.
64MEHIELInspiration.The inspiration to write and distribute these works. This angel influences those who love reading and looks after those in the media and broadcasting as well. He is also a strong protector against accidents and wrong doing.
65DAMABIAHProtection.This Angel is a strong protector against the black arts, protection against curses and spells and helps us achieve success. This angel also has links with the sea and coastal areas, and therefore offers protection for sailors, lifeguards and other trades connected with the seas.
66MANAKELLiberation.Liberation of feelings of guilt. This angel calms us and removes bad feeling. He allows discernment of good and evil, removes the bad side of things to leave beauty, stability and peace. Healing energy. Allows us to write poetry and music.
67ITAIEL or AYAELUnderstanding and feeling at peaceWisdom and illumination. Generosity of spirit and feeling. The desire to love and give comfort and assistance to others. The desire for spiritual elevation. The feeling of peace in doing good unto others.
68HABUHIAHHealing and fertilityA strong healing Angel for all types of illnesses. Influences farming, breeding and fertility. Regulates our desires and restores the balance.
69RAHAEL or ROCHELUpright standing, restitutionThis Angel helps you find missing items and the cause of why they went missing. Grants to each person what they are entitled to. Readjusts karmic energy. Helps us on the paths of fortune, celebrity and fame
70JABAMIAHRegeneration and productionSuccess is all undertakings. Regeneration for all living beings, this Angel has strong ties with nature. The ability to learn to move forwards and advance. Purification.
71HAIAIELCourage and Peace, DeliveranceCourage to follow noble goals can be achieved. The clearance of the path to ensure success, sweeping enemies aside. The ability to combat bad energy, deliverance from those who seek to oppress us. Influences fire.
72MUMIAHRevelation. Rebirth.The revelation of secrets that bring happiness. Rebirth and regeneration This last Angel is the Angel of endings and beginnings. The angel of psychics and mystics. The understanding of reincarnation and new beginnings. The reaching of any achievement and finalising projects.