The best techniques to induce the out of body experience are those that rely solely on relaxing the body and control of the mind. Relaxing the body can be achieved by listening to some special recordings inducing a state "alpha" and "theta" brain rhythms.

 To Prepare

  • Relax each area of the body
  • Breathe in a controlled fashion and alternate this with holding your breath.
  • Concentrate
  • Meditate, possibly repeating a mantra if this works for you,
  • Visualise, give strength to your intentions,
  • Concentrate on yourself,
  • Concentrate on your memories,
  • Prepare for leaving the body by using special items. 

Choose a good time

Some times are particularly suitable for astral travel:

  • The equinoxes and solstices (21/03, 21/06, 23/09 , 21/12 )
  • The full moon and new moon
  • The magical nights (30/04, 24/06, 31/10)
  • The period between 4 and 30 May and between 11 and 24 September
  • The night hours, especially between 10pm and 3am
  • Hours dominated by Jupiter (see the calendar of planetary hours) 

Wear appropriate clothing

Opt for comfortable and warm clothing,

  • Do not wear belts or shoes, or metal objects  
  • Do not use blankets,
  • Give preference to violet, blue or white coloured clothes
  • Use materials such as linen, cotton and wool. Avoid silk and synthetic fibres.

Choose a suitable place

  • Choose a place that is magnetically charged
  • Opt for an isolated and quiet space where nothing will disturb you
  • Place a hard bed or mattress pointing towards the North
  • Create the right atmosphere using soft music and lighting a stick of incense.

Environmental Conditions

  •  A relatively high room temperature
  •  Absence of atmospheric electricity
  •  A Barometer pressure greater than 760 millimetres of mercury
  •  A dry environment, Lack of moisture
  •  Total darkness or only small blue or red light
  •  Total Absence of noise
  •  Solitude; if the presence of witnesses is required, select friendly    and quiet people
  •  Eat lightly, well in advance,
  •  Take a warm salty bath beforehand.

The techniques for Astral travel

The 2 major techniques:

Visualisation Technique

  • Totally relax
  • Imagine that you collapse to the ground and then rise up from there
  • Visualize a blue wave rolling over from your feet up to your head.
  • Control your breathing
  • If departing for the astral plane, go feet first.

Target Technique

  • Direct your concentration on one precise place, for example a flame, or the bridge of your nose
  • Let your senses fall asleep
  • Concentrate the most you can on the wish to leave your body

The advice from Womensdestiny

Are you ready to travel?

You can have a go at travelling, but make sure that you have read up on this subject to the full before you try this and take some precautions. Protect your body, be aware of the possible dangers and do not leave on your journey for too long a time.