What is the difference between a SOULMATE and a TWINFLAME?

A lot of people ask me about their soul mates and their twin flames.

  • Have I already met my soulmate?
  • When will I meet my soulmate?
  • Will I meet my twin flame?
  • Is my current partner THE ONE?
  • My soulmate has gone, why and will they return?

So is there a difference between a soulmate and a twin flame? And if so what is it?


SOULMATE is the name of a spiritual partner in love. Each soul has a perfect match… your soulmate. Yes, there may be a connection from a previous life. That does not mean that you were necessarily lovers or married in a past life. You may have been brothers, sisters or other close family, good friends, compatriots in a war. But usually it will mean that you formed some sort of incredibly strong bond. This bond may have been formed over several different lives. Your paths may have crossed several times.

This may give us an explanation of when you meet a person and have an instant connection. You may feel you have met them before. You may know things about them you could not possibly know. This is the soulmate connection. 

A soulmate connection need not necessarily be a life partner, although this is very much the context in which the term soulmate is used these days. A soul mate can consequently be a friend as well as a lover in this life too.

But in the romantic soul mate types of relationships, that doesn't mean things will be smooth running. Soulmates are basically presented to us, in order for us to learn lessons in our current life. Many people think of a soulmate as the perfect blissful union, the ultimate love. However, in real terms, your true soulmate is the person in your destiny who will help you grow and evolve at soul level. This can mean

Often this means stretching the limits of your love, your emotions at all levels. This can mean immense pleasure and connection, but also pain and loneliness at times. Love with a soulmate is knitted at soul level and can be a roller coaster ride of emotion. But this is how we learn to love and why your soulmate is of key importance on your path. We learn through challenges, not by everything ticking along nicely!


TWIN FLAME At every level. twin flame relationships are the most fulfilling relationships we can have, as human beings. There is a fit at every single level. The finding of a twin flame is extremely rare, for the simple reason that we have only one twin. The chance we will meet them in this lifetime are very small, but of course it can happen.

Two people came together, and when they left, it was like being split into two, each had a different and greater energy to when they first met. Across many lives, they continue each on their own soul journey until coming together again in complete unity. The finding of a twin flame creates a catalyst of energy in the universe. When you find your twin flame you have perfect love, perfect peace and are as one soul.

This bonding of two souls therefore creates a whole new energy, present in the universe through this bond. It really is the most symbiotic union, the feeling of being one entity, one being.


Reading for people on their soulmate or their twin flame, is to me the most satisfying reading of all. The energy between two people who love at soul level is incredible to see. To be able to see their past and their future destinies and to see how they are linked. It creates love within us, the Psychics, too!

Often soulmate relationships can also be very painful as we learn our life lesson. Twin flames rarely leave each other unless forced to do so by death. Soulmates are a different matter. Often the universe seemingly throws things at us to make soulmate relationships difficult to find, keep and maintain. But the key to understanding this, is to look at what the purpose of this relationship is, at soul level. Are you MEANT to meet and be with them in this life? If so, are you MEANT to stay together? Are you MEANT to learn a lesson by going through trialling times with your soulmate?  What is your destiny?

Once you know what the REASON is, it is often incredibly revealing and an experience in growth and learning in itself. It can also give you clarity as to what is going on now, as well as telling you what is GOING to happen.


If you think you have met your soul mate or your twin flame, then there are many facets that can be looked at that can reveal what kind of connection you have and what the future holds. Numerology combinations and compatibility. Astrological compatibility readings, not just based on star signs but on all planets and their synergy.  Eastern and Chinese astrology compatibility and of course pure energy readings that look at soul connection.

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