Dowsing is not simply an art it is a scientific form of divination. It is one tool that can bridge the gap between the analytical mind and intuition. In Egypt, the Chaldean magicians have practiced " rabdomancy " the art of divination by rods or wands. The practice of dowsing is thought to have originated in Germany, around the time of Martin Luther. In 1518 he mentioned dowsing as a form of occultism. At the time it is thought to have been used for the searching of metal. Generally speaking, dowsing is defined as a science of the perception of radiation from nature, usually using a supportive tool such as dowsing rods, pendulum etc, with the addition of some kind of 'sixth sense', energy sensing by humans through some kind of sensory paranormal means.

Who can be a Dowser or Diviner ?

Anyone can be dowser. It's only a matter of work and practice. The level of energy has to be right for the user, and usually he or she is in a relaxed or even close to meditative state. Tension is not usually well adapted to using dowsing tools and the necessary level of energy to be able to dowse is the often the first challenge of the apprentice. There are several ways to assess dowsing sensitivity.

More exciting still, contrary to what some claim, the pendulum is truly accessible to everyone provided you follow a few "rules" based on simple common sense. Being attracted to this art shows most of the time that we have the real capacity to be able to use it effectively. We can then discover and apply them directly.


The pendulum can be used in a number of different ways, as can indeed other dowsing tools such as wands or divining rods;

They can be used in various alternative medical practices to identify energy blockages in a patient. Some healers also use these to detect physical illnesses. Water dowsing is the art of searching for water, often using metal rods or hazel wood, or witch hazel wands, although some dowsers also prefer using a pendulum.  Psychics use the pendulum to track missing items, even at a distance, and also to give yes or no answers when their clients address specific questions in their psychic reading, to reveal the answers. In the 17th Century in France, dowsing was even used to track down witches and criminals! 

The ways the tools are used is often an individual thing. There is no one particular technique, right or wrong way of dowsing, and the use often depends on the energy of the user. To open up, a prayer may be said aloud or silently, calling upon the relevant energy to assist. The dowser, when dowsing may consider himself to be an open channel, so many dowsers believe that some kind of protection is essential. This is then followed by a 'programming' or 'checking'. A psychic may say 'show me yes' or 'show me no' and in each case the pendulum will rotate or swing differently to show them which is which. They will say 'stop' to stop the pendulum before phrasing another question or asking it to perform a different movement. The rotations and swinging directions will vary according to the energy of the user. Once this has been accomplished they are ready to address the question at hand.

The advice from Womensdestiny

We currently live in a world which favours rational thought.

As I explained earlier, dowsing is both a science and an art of divination. A good psychic practitioner can reveal your future and also help you with the development of your own psychic skills if you seek this. We have selected the best psychics for you who can give you yes or no answers with the pendulum or with other tools. Click here to get your answers