The G Spot

Truth or Fiction?

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There is no doubt that you have heard of the famous G-spot, but first, let us begin with a little history.   Where does its name come from? This famous pleasure point is the discovery of an avant-garde and pioneering German sexologist. Scientist Ernst Gräfenberg, gynaecologist and researcher, gave his initial to name the original "G-spot ".

This discovery of the G-spot is now almost 60 years old.  ... The findings of Dr. Grafenberg have since been confirmed by many other researchers. It was only in 1981 that it became known as the "G-spot".   But does the G-spot really concern only sex, or should we also be discussing cultural fears that feminism is broadly defined as “women who do not actually need a real man?”    

The topic of the G-spot still enjoys popular discussion. Varies studies advocate its existence and others point to its non -existence. Nevertheless, our Womensdestiny researcher faced serious dilemmas when researching this article. Scientific evidence is apparently not yet conclusive. Everyone agrees that the vagina has sensitive areas, that tactile stimulation is intensely erogenous and that this can lead to the orgasm.  

Daniel Keenan Savage, known more familiarly as Dan Savage, journalist and speaker, is known for his column Savage Love. He treats sexuality with humour and gave me food for thought. It is strange to observe the persistence of this cultural obsession in the quest for the magic button that pushes all women to enjoy orgasm solely through penetrative sex.

How to find your G-spot

How to put your finger on it!

The vaginal walls have a multitude of erogenous zones. Among these is the G-spot(erectile tissue in the vagina).

According to recent studies, the G-spot is located below the bladder, halfway between the entrance and the base of the vagina, behind the pubic bone, so about 4 cm from the entrance. It can be distinguished from the rest of the vagina. On the upper wall you will quickly notice an uneven or ridged area substantially different from the typically smooth walls of the vagina.

At the first touch, this may surprise some women. Every woman is unique, so the G-spot might also be found just behind the vaginal opening, or at the bottom of the vagina itself. Up to you therefore, to carefully make your own voyage of self- discovery!

Did you know: Injection of the G-spot;   The natural substance hyaluronic acid, present in the dermis (a layer of skin between the epidermis and subcutaneous layers) can be injected into the Gpsot. This can, among other things, rehydrate tissue in this area. This can increase the area of the G-spot and can achieve more sensitivity in this area.  

Rehydrating, rejuvenating and plumping the female prostate is still pretty taboo as far as surgeries go. And yet a hyaluronic acid injection could make your G-spot able to be more easily stimulated, and thus facilitate the improvement of sexual disorders.

This surgical intervention can allow the rediscovery and amplify the ability to experience orgasm.

The good news: the result is immediate The plumping of the G-spot inside the vagina is quite feasible.

The bad news: the result lasts between 8 and 12 months.  


The G-spot may be more or less sensitive according to each woman. Its erotic potential is work in progress.

You may wish to consider the preliminary stages, practicing a type of internal massage with care to develop your erotic sensitivity.

A careful and attentive partner can also be included to enhance the erotic experience. Gynecologists agree at least on one point: one can experience orgasm without knowing where the G-spot is located, and without having found it. Some may find this reassuring.    

The Advice from Womensdestiny : We understand that the G- spot is thought by many to be the Holy Grail of pleasure and of female sexual stimulation. Do not believe the urban legend that tells us that it does not exist, or cannot be found.

Do not believe the skeptics and the kill- joys!

Scientists have proven that the G-spot does exist. It would be a shame not to enjoy it, don’t you agree?... And of course, we have to stop putting ourselves under pressure to achieve orgasm!  

Regarding sexuality, have you ever heard of Zen sexuality? This can bring a little magic into your daily life, some comfort and some hope. A good option for any kind of sexual issues.

And a real booster for limp libidos!    

Written by our columnist N.Billemont