Did he have his orgasm before you?

No problem ladies, you will get your orgasm too!

Far from being a myth, it is more of a reality, that most men fall asleep after their grand finale .... But all is not lost!

Even if he is no longer able to carry on physically, your man will remain eager to give you pleasure. In order to avoid any frustration for you, dear Ladies and also for the sake of your partner, it will be necessary to realise, as well as to make your partner realise, that you do not necessarily need penetration to enjoy the experience of a good climax.

Fantasies, caresses, erotic toys, the possibilities to accentuate pleasure are numerous.

For many men it becomes an obsession to maintain their erection as long as possible. In order for this to become less of a concern for those gentlemen out there, you will have to be much gentler and patient.

Body language:

If your man is more experienced in body language, you can simply continue to solicit his attention and his caresses by rubbing up against him.

Do not hesitate to take his hand and guiding it where you want ....

If verbal expression has already been put into place in your relationship and you are more comfortable with words, you just have to tell him that you still desire him.

Do not forget that with a little imagination, everything can end well.

Did you know that some tantric techniques could help you guys?

All of the tantric workshops teach you breathing techniques.

The male partner learns to control and keep his erection longer and retain his ejaculation but not his orgasm.

We are talking here about delayed ejaculation; a reality that can happen exceptionally and spontaneously, in order to overcome the problems of erection!

Good to Know; Erectile problems are not only the man’s business, but the business of both parties in the couple.

Erectile dysfunction may appear from time to time, but is not always regular and permanent. Many factors related to natural psychological causes can have their effects.

Do not worry, ladies, sexual breakdown does not necessarily imply a decrease in libido.

If your partner had no desire to make love, believe me, he would never do it,

Do you need more explanation?

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Article by Claire Rogers coach for Womensdestiny