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Without a doubt, the biggest obstacle that most men report when they try to become multi-orgasmic is the failure to contract their PC muscle enough during orgasm to delay ejaculation. You may feel some contractions, but do not stop retracting the muscle at this point, because some ejaculatory contractions are likely, even if you manage to stop them. If you succeed, the contractions will stop before ejaculation and you should be able to resume stimulation without loss of sensitivity, as it would be during the refractory period after ejaculation.

Another common problem that many men can relate to with these techniques, is the inability to determine exactly where the peak, orgasm and ejaculation boundaries begin and end. If you cannot determine the difference between orgasm and ejaculation, a key to becoming multi-orgasmic, you can only succeed by accident and unintentionally.

Some men may try to stimulate themselves very quickly and rigorously, and this is not the best way to become aware of your personal level of sexual awareness. Taking stimulation more slowly rather than faster will help you more easily discover your personal boundaries between excitement, peaking and orgasm. With these discoveries, you will have a greater chance of learning when to contract your PC muscle, when to stop contraction, and when to relax your PC muscle and then resume stimulation to experience another orgasm.

Pelvic pressure after excitement.

Pressure in the pelvic area is a natural result of increased blood flow to the genital area. If the level of this pressure is uncomfortable, it will be helpful to breathe deeply, raise the lower limbs and gently massage the perineum and testicles. This will help the body to assimilate the energy of the testicles to the rest of the body. It is best to stay in an inclined position for 5 to 10 minutes.

Other advantages

It is quite possible that if you have other sexual problems such as premature ejaculation, learning to become multi-orgasmic will help you tremendously during sex. Not only will you be able to significantly extend the time of your session by removing the ejaculation until you choose it, but you will be free of your worries and anxiety and able to better focus on your partner's pleasure. The list of positive effects can be almost infinite!


Some men may wonder if age can affect the chances of becoming multi-orgasmic. There is no reason for sexually mature men of all ages not to see the same high rate of success, assuming they are sexually active and have a high level of personal sexual awareness.

If you have no difficulty in reaching single orgasms, whether by yourself or with your partner, then learning to become multi-orgasmic is simply a question of patience, determination and effort. If you have trouble having single orgasms or being sexually open with yourself and your partner, then maybe there are other problems you have to face before multiple orgasms are a possibility for you.

This guide is not prepared to deal with problems with orgasms beyond the relatively simple topics discussed in this section. If you experience more serious problems, please consult your doctor or therapist. They should be able to provide you with personalised professional advice that we are not able to provide you with here.