Whether it’s a self-made decision or a situation that is imposed upon you, loneliness is a feeling that comes from within. Everyone experiences loneliness at one time or another and it is never pleasant.

People feel lonely for a number of reasons;

You can have a full social life and still feel lonely. A strange paradox, right? The emotional void that this can create may result in a withdrawal into oneself, which could then creep towards a situation of feeling isolated.

Is Loneliness an obligation?

When you find yourself looking in the mirror, with only your own company to keep, this is a great opportunity to find yourself again, to recharge your batteries, to rediscover who you are and to open up your life to new possibilities.

In actual fact, few people take a conscious decision when they are in this situation, to take stock of their lives. Often isolation leads to the search of an external support.

Accept your situation of temporary solitude!

This situation can take many forms that can lead to some kind of compulsive behaviour in several areas (alcohol, drugs, food, sport, internet, sex, compulsive shopping etc.) to momentarily numb this vacuum. These compulsions can then develop into addictions. When we use the internet and social networks, you would think that loneliness would lose some of its grip, but we must understand that virtual contact can never replace real relationships. This is another vast subject which is of great interest, Cyber addiction actually leads to isolation and then onwards to solitude. So I challenge you; turn off your computer.

Solutions to this problem do exist!

- Meditation is a way of accepting each stage. Don’t be ashamed of being lonely!

If you feel like you are retiring into yourself little by little and you have the desire, the tiny flame, the simple consciousness of your situation, it is time for you to pull yourself together and to find yourself again and to ask for some guidance if you feel it would help you.

Put emotions aside

So as not to submit to the feelings of loneliness, it is necessary to understand them.

From there on in, you will learn to make friends with the emotions that drive you forwards in your life. You will be able to see your life differently and take pleasure in the simple things, which you previously locked up into a routine. This progression will give you many surprises; a new responsibility of your life. Previously unrealised talents revealed. A new appetite for learning. Unfulfilled passions that can be satisfied. Your gifts will able to shine. Your personal development will stun and illuminate those around you!

So, do you still believe that being on your own is being stuck in an unwanted situation? No, look at it as a blessing! Random chances don’t exist, so don’t delay on taking action! You deserve to be happy. Contentment is contagious, think about surrounding yourself with positive people with the same kind of energy as you! You will then see that the moments of solitude that you do have, are precious. You caring for yourself will bring you back these sacred moments.

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