Loneliness is getting me down, I'm sick of being single!

You are single, loneliness is getting you down and you don’t know how to find a solution. When you are faced with this feeling of isolation, you need to step back and you need someone to listen to you and evaluate your situation. Unfortunately, you find it difficult to find a caring and wise listening ear, because those around you are not always receptive and sympathetic to your needs.

I am used to this kind of situation and I will accompany you to determine the causes of your celibacy and propose solutions that you will never find alone.

Let's talk about celibacy first. Our society tends to stigmatize singles who sometimes feel they are "abnormal" and unfairly treated by public opinion.

Celibacy; sometimes a question of choice

Some people are single out of choice and say that they do not suffer from loneliness. They want to remain single, despite the lack of understanding they feel from those close to them. Man is a social animal, who is not easily satisfied with the singularity of those who do not obey the more traditional codes of conduct.

I therefore invite you to reflect on your life and your desires. If you do not want to be single anymore, is it really because loneliness is getting you down, or is it due to the social pressures of those around you, who you feel judge you negatively?

Advertisements, rentals (hotels, apartments ...), promotions (x% discount for the second person of the couple), etc., are more generally targeted at couples than for singles. Everything is done to make you feel guilty, but being single, whether it's not a choice or not, is not a stigma.

I suggest that we firstly establish a list of all your desires and your expectations in life. Perhaps you are not clearly dividing things between your own wishes and the way others would like to see you.

If being single means suffering from loneliness to you;

If, on the other hand, loneliness really gets you down and your aspiration is to have a relationship, we must consider the path that led you to get into this situation.

If being single is not your choice, then your whole life is unbalanced and I want to help you find the stability you need once again.

The vicious circle of loneliness

Suffering from loneliness leads you into a vicious circle, because you risk losing your self-confidence and it is not by devaluing yourself that you will be able to seduce anyone. It is only by showing yourself in the best light that you will inspire others to take an interest in you. Attention! I don’t mean at any time that you need to lie and make up some other personality! This is only about YOU, in all your sincerity, with your renewed self-confidence.

You are probably lacking in objectivity and need an outsider’s view to pull yourself out of this infernal cycle and reconcile yourself with who you really are. People who suffer from loneliness paradoxically sometimes have behaviours that force them into celibacy and it is these attitudes that often need correction.

I invite you to participate in a dialogue without any judgment and through which we will find the solutions which will give you confidence to get out of a state of celibacy and no longer suffer from loneliness. Based on my experience, I will help you to find the keys that will lead you to happiness; of being receptive to meet the person who is made for you and with whom you will build a balanced and strong relationship.

Summary: You are single and loneliness is getting you down. You absolutely need to find a caring and wise listening ear to find the keys that will help you out of celibacy.

The advice from Womensdestiny ; 

You are single and loneliness is getting you down. You absolutely need to find a caring and wise listening ear to find the keys that will help you out of celibacy.

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