Get your Ex back



So you have broken up with your loved one. And all you want to do is get them back. Do you wake up thinking of them? Have you left them messages telling them how much you love them? Does your mind drive you wild by going over and over the same scenarios, the memories and the pain you are experiencing? Can you hardly function and life is a misery without them? Then this article is for you.

In many situations, you will have already experienced one break up with this person, or quite a few “nearly break ups”. Once the repair has been made everything goes back to normal and then the problems start again. This actually means there were issues that were not sorted out in your relationship. When one has a problem, it doesn't just go away. It has to be solved.

If your loved one has gone off and left the nest, the question you want to know the answer is “What can I do to get them back?” This will apply whether they have stayed single, or whether they have gone off with someone else. Things may also be difficult for you with your friends and family. They either think “ Thank God that is over!” or they think “ I wish they could come back they were good for you”. More common is the former version. If you are in that situation you will very much feel like you are on your own and that no one shares your view or understands you. This in turn will make you lonely.


Whatever your break up situation, it is probably causing you anguish. You may not even be eating or sleeping like you should. Concentrating on anything else is really hard. You find yourself thinking at work, doing housework, it just comes upon you. You may lie awake a night wondering how they could throw away all that time you spent together and what you had. Do they still have feelings?  How could they act like this?  Is this really the end and if it is what are you supposed to do? You ask many questions but don't have the answers. You worry about what they may be up to and how they may really be feeling about you.

This is because you have actually had a shock. The shock of your partner leaving. And your body is responding to this shock.

Do listen to what your friends and family have to say. You may not want to hear it, but usually they will have your best interests in mind.


Let me tell you, you are not on your own!

The first thing to bring back some control into your life. Stop thinking about contacting your partner for now. This may be the opposite of what you want to do. But if you have already tried and have not got the response that you hope for, then that should tell you something, right? Do not be desperate or miserable or needy. This will just push them away further.

Next you need to be honest with those close to you. Sometimes we cover the things that went on in our relationships with those we love. We are not honest out of embarrassment, hurt, or we simply don't want to trouble those close to us. Therefore we really don't get honest advice.  Or we don't want to hear it!

I want you to have a good think. Think about when you met your partner. What were you like? What did you feel like? And why were they attracted to you? And now look at the last few months of your relationship. I pretty much bet there were changes. That you were not the happy person that you were going into this relationship, when everything was roses. That you counted on your partner to make you happy and you wanted things to change for some time before things ended. You had arguments, silent moments or both. Communication was difficult. Things were crumbling whether you want to admit it or not.


My question is, were you counting on this person to make you happy? And now you think that is the only thing that can make you happy, to have them back again?

I have to tell you that this desperation is completely the opposite of what will attract you to your partner, or to bring them back. Revisiting who you were when you were happy, doing whatever you feel you need to address in your life, losing weight, getting fit, socialising, being frank with your friends, having your hobby. Do all of these and feel better about yourself. Become the happy person you were when you met your partner. Look and feel fantastic. Then ask yourself if you really want them back! If you do you then stand a chance of attracting them back again. After all, you did it once, you can do it again. But you have to create this good energy and become strong again to succeed.


I speak to people who are yearning for their love back every day. Some people have lost their love to another person. Some just had a fight and their partner left. Others just couldn't make things work and things slid downhill bit by bit. I help these people get back onto their feet and analyse what their partner loved them for. We work hard together on a positive plan for re-unity. I have to be honest sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, it depends on if the client can really understand what they need to do. But in some cases, my clients come back very happy. Some are now happily reunited with their exs. Others have moved on to the point that they are now in a better and happier relationship with someone else. In some cases, I advise on the law of attraction; The ability to manifest your dreams and desires and how to do this properly and successfully.

If you feel you need a helping hand do consider getting some coaching. An honest opinion on your circumstances can often help you consolidate where you are now and help you plan your future.

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