Break ups

Relationships: everything you need to know about breaking up

We have all been through a break up in our love relationships at one time or another. One couple in 2 or 3 get divorced and that doesn't even include separation in couples who are cohabiting or simply going out with each other.

There are three types of break ups that can be identified; to be left by your partner, when you decide to leave your partner, or to make a mutual decision to leave each other.

The words “break up” “separating” or “splitting” are pretty strong in their meaning, especially as they often tend to signify the feeling of abandonment. Most of us have experienced this feeling of injury at one time or another.

The decision to leave the other person is often very difficult to make, because the person being left is often subjected to toxic behaviour, be that person a man or a woman, and this can create feelings akin to depression.

The ending of a relationship can be in certain other cases, a simple question of the survival of the self.


Patience will be your best ally to accompany this phase of your life, with a sprinkling of humour and without placing full emphasis only on the break up! Above all, do not isolate yourself and do ask for help. There are qualified professionals who can help you. Proper coaching can help you reveal your own inner strengths and capabilities. It can also help you highlight any behavioural patterns which lead you to frequently finding yourself in the "Saviour" role in a relationship or in the " Needing to be Saved" position.

These are roles that one can assume unconsciously and which can put you into a state of expectation of your partner’s actions, which are then not followed through by the other person. This can become a recurring pattern leading to break up. And where does love sit in all this? This existential and eternal question is an interesting one and is always a challenge. Deep within you, is this not your reason for living? True love is there right in front of you in the present, you just have to reach out to get it.

The steps to take:

Write down all the emotions that you have for your former partner.

Observing these emotions and living them in full consciousness rather than trying to bury them deep within, are necessary steps of the healing process. After this, we have to face a process of “Relationship grieving" which begins with facing all the emotions, the corresponding beliefs, the denial, the fear and anger, the self-pity, resentment and then finally acceptance. It is quite usual to go through a big phase of sadness. This is normal and human and through this process, we can experience the rebirth of ourselves. We are alchemists. We just have to decide to transform!


Faced with a breakup, everyone reacts in their own way. Don’t you think that it's time to love yourself ? The experience of breaking up can transform your life, increase your self-esteem, to be aware of your needs and your boundaries, which evolve over time.

Day after day you become a friendlier and grateful person. This beautiful energy will draw you towards the right person that suits you.

There are no real rules in a romantic relationship, although society says otherwise. (Live together, get married, have children etc.). Go where happiness leads you, in the knowledge that you have nothing to lose. Words “The Break Up” will just become a phrase that no longer scares you. Having your own emotional independence, your own way of seeing the world and having evolved in these respects, your eyes will shine with a soothing light. You will love a new and serene life

Keep a positive attitude.  Be indulgent with yourself, after all charity begins at home!

Love, respect and communication will lead the way on your life path for your couple of the future. Plus, more news on the womensdestiny site for you; to help you overcome this difficult period, here is the advice and tests proposed by womensdestiny;


Separation? Break up?


Most of the sources of conflict that arise in a relationship can be sorted out. Article by our love and relationship specialist