2017 Yearly Horoscope

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Aries horoscope 2017: You are set for an exciting year Aries, and the stars are set for a fiery future! This is the year where you can finally advance at a rapid rate and very little will hold you back. That having been said, balance is key to avoid fatigue and burn out. We know that balance can be tricky for you, Aries, but this will be a necessity for sturdy advancement.

You will need to do everything in your own way and consciously or not will be taking steps to a new independence. Aries that hang on and rely  on other people financially, may well get their comeuppance this year. This is a year of growth, and you shining under your own steam.

Aries Lovescope 2017: Love is all about fulfilling your own needs Aries. Your stars show that you will be taking an honest look at what is good and right for you. This may cause some hurt feelings along the way among friends and loved ones.

For those of you in a serious relationship and on the right path, this year may well be the one where you make a stronger commitment. This is also a good year for new meetings on new terms, or rekindling old flames with a new and burning desire. On your cycle this is the best opportunity you will have in 12 years for getting love right, and that can only be good news.

Taurus Horoscope 2017 Horoscope; your stars tell that you are set for an energetic year! This is the year to get ahead in business as well as make advancements in your love life! January opens with a busy month, with May your top month for promotion, job change and greater wealth coming your way.

2017 looks set to allow you to make your steady Taurean progress, paying off debts slowly but surely and then planning for your future. This is not a year for frivolous spending, but remember Taurus, slow and steady wins the race.

Taurus Lovescope 2017 Developments in relationships are also in your stars. This applies both commitment- wise and sexually. If you are single you may need to step out of your usual comfort zone and be inspired by new people or places. The chances you can meet long term lovers are high this year.

For all Taureans communication, being open and open hearted are the key to success.

Gemini Horoscope: Gemini your 2017 may feel not different from 2016 to begin with but don’t be disheartened.  You begin the year with creativity love and play highlighted. Romance may well be hot stuff while work keeps cool and allows you to slowly progress.

Travel, learning new skills are all highlighted. This is not a year to make money fast and gambling is not likely to pay off.

Gemini Lovescope 2017: This year relationships come to the fore and you have an extra dose of appeal and magnetism. For those of you who are single this is going to be a great year. Your vibrant energy can be used to the full in the quest for new highs.

For those of you in relationships this year can offer you the chance for parenthood, or sealing a long term relationship with new passion. Quaky relationships are well likely to suffer though and could result in break ups if progress and effort is not made. May and December are your hottest months.

Cancer Horoscope 2017 The year kicks off well for you and the end of January and the whole of February look good for career progress. Changes look positive this year, especially if you want them.

If you do not you may get a nasty shock. Communication is key to you, and when the sun is in your sign you can make maximum progress. Prepare for late August and September when you will need to face up to facts.

Cancer Lovescope 2017 Your stars are favoured in love later this coming year. This year is much about working on yourself and your needs first so you can attain the perfect relationship later on.

If you are in a couple and willing to put the effort in this can pay off greatly towards the end of the year. Likewise singles who have been alone for some time have great chances of finally finding love. June, November and December are favoured.

Leo Horoscope 2017: Changes will come to you so fast and often this year Leo, you may not be able to keep up with them. But they are all for the greater good. You will need to let go of your Leo pride and move with the times though, but this means expansion of your inner self.

Family is central, whether you decide to have a child or get in touch with those you fell out with, this will be your year of progress. Business and career wise things are also looking good, particularly later in the year. Communication will be key to success so make sure you keep the fiery side out of your words!

Leo Love Horoscope 2017: this is the year for commitment for you Leo. You may find yourself swept away by new meetings, displays of love you are not used to, and find hard to deal with, and a lot more!

This is absolutely the year you will make decisions in your love life and will stick with them to ensure you are on the best path for the future. Things can kick off as early as the end of January. One thing is sure this year you will sort out your love life for the greater good and have some dazzling moments.

Virgo Horoscope 2017: Jupiter hits your house of communication in the second part of this coming year, making contact and clear communication easier. The first 10 months also offer opportunities for expansion and new projects and you are among the signs who are likely to do well financially, so take advantage of this when it happens, but don’t blow it all, as harder times will come from October onwards.

Career wise December sees the rewards of your labours at long last, and the end of a difficult period that has lasted over 2 years.

Virgo Lovescope 2017: This is looking like a hot year in the bedroom, but do not use this to excess and remain true to your ideals. Using sex as a weapon or advancement is unlikely to get you where you want to be in your love and relationships. Long term relationships may see a few strange incidences, where lack of trust can be highlighted, as well as redressing balance.

This can see the ending of bad relationships, where the equilibrium gets out of kilter. When Neptune hits your relationship sector watch out that your imagination does not run away with you. Be as table Virgo and keep realistic, without being stubborn to get the best results.

Libra Horoscopes 2017 This is a great year for progress in work and financial matters. Pay rises, promotions, the formation of new and exciting projects, are all possible. You will also look at basic structure; houses, finances and security, investments, all of these will be addressed in trues Libran style.

This is all about redressing the balance. Travel and education are highlighted early in the year, so you make be going on trips or learning new skills, or both. Either way, expect mind-blowing expansion and learning, which ever area you experience this.

Libra Lovescopes 2017 This is a big year for love and one of growth! This is the year when you finally think about what you really want. You may not even have to plan to get it, it may well just fall into your lap.

These serious chances should not be taken slightly though, so don’t go jumping in with your heart and leave your head behind. Careful choices and decisions and taking things step by step will give you the results you have been looking for, for some time. This may mean endings and better things ahead.

You may also meet new unusual and slightly strange exciting people, so make sure you apply the rules described above and keep your head, as well as your heart. Singles may also get a lifetime chance to meet a rich man, with Jupiter coming to your 2nd house!

Scorpio Horoscope 2017. A year of learning and spirituality is in store for you, with great progress to be made in these. This is honestly a year of “life the universe and everything where you find your own answers. It is also a karmic year, so expect to have loose ends from your past coming back for resolution. Your stars also highlight the need for balance in financial matters and it is likely you will be set challenges.

It looks to be a year of progress, understanding and enlightenment until October when the changes really start to come in. Jupiter, the planet of progress then enters your sign for a whole year. Lay the seeds early this year to achieve progress for this forthcoming transit. Travel is also highlighted later in the year as is education and expansion.

Scorpio Lovescopes 2017 A call for reality when looking at and examining your love life. If you are stuck in the past, you will need to move on, or stay unhappy. Those in relationships may also suffer if their hopes and ideals are too high.  Later in the year you get your chances, with the best transit coming and Jupiter making you feel sexy and wanted.

You will want to seek the path to excitement but will be feeling god about yourself. Imbalances in relationships will no longer suit you and there may be endings with a positive view to the future, that suit you. Single Scorpios will also benefit from this period, with a chance for adventure and meeting a new and brilliant flame.

Sagittarius Horoscope 2017 Your career Path is highlighted for success this year. Your stars are favourable in this sector, however make sure you share the workload through delegation or otherwise. There also might be surprising and fairly karmic changes, which may not be pleasant to go through, but there will be a good reason resulting in necessary change.

You will need to remain calm and collected, take your time to think out things and solve problems as they come along. The first part of the year is tight money wise and control will be necessary. This will improve by June. Investing time and effort in new projects will pay off slightly later, but by the end of the year you should be in full swing.

Sagittarius Lovescope 2017 This year may see you dealing with problems in your love life, but this is good as it gets you to the other side. Release, healing, finding out truths, some or all of this may come your way in your quest for happy love and relationships.

There is likely to be some fun too, with your 5th house of play illuminated, but Uranus may bring some surprises. Take things slowly rather than jumping in, or you could end up wondering what happened later on.

Capricorn Horoscope 2017  And finally Capricorn your stars for 2017 tell us that this is the year you have been waiting for. Recognition can be yours. And boy, have you been waiting a long time! This is the year that all that labour you have been putting in and the plans you have laid can finally come to action. And it will be worth the wait!

This does not mean it will be fast paced or even that easy going. There is Karmic stuff to pay for several months also leading to a realisation of your inner self and your connections both spiritually and with others. What you have invested in the past will come back to you this year. Oce has to hope you have been a good little Capricorn or you may get the full return of payback!

Capricorn Lovescope 2017 forming new friendships, weeding out the god and the bad relationships are key to you this coming year.

Your stars are telling you to be adventurous, to go to parties, hang out in groups and meet new and interesting people. This can bring in a new love interest to single Capricorns. Working on health and fitness early in the year will have you attractive and ready for new love.

For those in relationships, there is a the karmic side here as well. Hidden secrets may be revealed, an ex may come back to haunt you or say they are sorry and it will be up to you to fathom out what your destiny is. Don’t lose your cool if pushed, the karmic aspects are there for you to question why something is happening rather than react without thinking, all of which will get you nicely ahead in love.

Aquarius Horoscope 2017 The start of the year should be quite optimistic and balanced, with positive progress on many fronts. This is a year for new projects and setting long term plans in place, You now feel as if you are advancing. This year is a progressive year for love for you Aquarius.

You will need determination and hard work. Relocation and job changes are also generally favourable for Aquarians this year. Balance of finances are essential while all this goes on.

The Aquarian who thinks he or she can squander will be proved wrong. Health is also important to make sure you do not get run down or stressed out in this year of progress, so make suee you look after this well.

Aquarius Lovescope 2017  You have probably been trying to invest in relationships over the past few months.  Or you may have been single and thinking that no one would ever come along.

2017 will give you the chance to consolidate what you put into place. Single people can now much more easily find someone new and attractive. Those of you in relationships are on more happy ground, building further together and enjoying better moments of complicity. Your fears can now be overcome and you can be yourself. Being exactly that is important, and honesty is also key to success.

Pisces Horoscope 2017 This year is a mixed one for Pisceans. It should start well with an active start and a surge forwards, then go slightly haywire mid year to stabilise again from October onwards. Work and career stars are pretty Pisces-friendly. Th pressure will seem less than last year and you will have opportunities to achieve your goals. Do not sit around waiting though, do take opportunities as they come. The balance of progress comes with a dose of responsibility. Investments are favoured in the first six months rather than later on, and saving is critical when the sun shines, to prepare for more rainy days.

Pisces Lovescope 2017  This year is all about partnering up and getting the balance between your home and working life right. What not to do is to spend all your time at work and count on your partner to understand, or to go on late night dates and feel less than standard at work the next day. Sex looks very favourable for all Pisceans, but key to success is understanding your loved one or date, giving attention when due and getting the balance of this right. You will want true and passionate love this year, Pisces. And you will get it, as long as you keep everything else in check.

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