Your Chinese year 2017

2017 the Year of the Fire Rooster

What is in store?

The Rooster crows at dawn to wake up the world. For many of us 2016, the year of the Monkey in Chinese Astrology, saw us juggling many things, trying to get new projects to work and many situations ending. So now it's time to wake up with this loud cock- crow to a brand new Chinese year and a new and fiery energy. The rooster rises at dawn to announce that success needs to be earned. It can be achieved but hard work and tolerance are needed to assure this success. If you spent the year of the Monkey simply "monkeying around", there may well be a price to pay in 2017. The hard workers and those who laid their plans will overtake you in the race.

In true military fashion, the cock crows and the routine starts. The Fire Rooster year is one of justice and balance. The battle between hard work and relaxation, logistics and success will be elements that affect us. On a global scale, we are likely to see the continuance of big personalities battling for regional domination, and a continuance of the fiery atmosphere we saw coming in 2016. A lot of cock crow and rude awakenings. There is despite all of this a positive side and 2017 overall looks like a year of progress, with people willing to go the course to achieve results.


The Fiery energy in 2017 is a Yin energy. This is a warm, feminine heat, a slow burning warming fire rather than a fast burning aggressive flame. Inner warmth, gentle reflection leading to the ignition of ideas, warm, loving family energy are all part of this energy.


If you have already laid foundations, 2017 can be a year of enormous success for you. This applies particularly if you have put all your energy into building a new project, and have battled through hard  periods to achievement. This may well be your year.


This is a favourable year for new relationships and finding love. Less favoured are long term relationships that should have developed and have not. These may suffer from separation or distance beyond control. Those wishing to seal their union and make the commitment of marriage are likely to have luck. The coloured red of the Fire Rooster is the same colour as the Wedding dress in China.



A year to keep on your toes, work hard and continue with laying plans. Not a year for great risks career or money wise, but hard work can be paid off. There can be steady progress in store for Rates who follow this plan carefully.  Your colleagues will also be keen to help as they see you working hard with them. For those in a relationship or with a family, the balance between home and working life will be important this year. Not doing so may lead to misunderstandings with your significant other. Home is very key to your importance this year as well. Sort out any arguments properly and you can have a good year. Rat communication can be a little scatty, so make sure you make best efforts this year! Single Rats in the quest of love may be successful this year- it is a good year for Ratty romance! Remember to network properly if you wish to find love. It is unlikely to come knocking on your door at home!


A good year for social networking, meeting new contacts or having new hotty dates! With all of the new encounters, make sure you stay on the straight and narrow path. A good year in business. You will find yourself busy. Make sure that the balance between your social engagements and working priorities are kept in check, or you could find your health suffering through stress or lack of sleep. For Oxen in a relationship, this may be a year of progress as long as you pay sufficient attention to your beloved. Do not take it out on them or expect them to understand if you don't get the balance right between your social and work obligations! This way relationships can be built and progress well. For single Oxen, this can be a year of meeting real love that will last.


This can be a year of mental expansion for Tigers. Yes, you will be set some challenges. Do not claw your way out of things in an aggressive Tiger- like fashion! If you do, you may spend more time unpicking what you did, than had you shown patience in the first place. Protect your money and restrain yourself from impulsive purchases this year. Money will also look better in the later part of the year. Again, slow and steady wins the race, so steady hard work can see you getting recognition and rewards. Career and business is favourable. In relationships, loyalty is important. Single Tigers have a good year, but now you are looking for long term love, so you may feel like you may have less choices. This in turn can mean a chance meeting or date turns out to be the right one. This will again require patience, or you may burn things out with a very hot beginning and then a quick fizzle. Those in relationships can expect a good year. Friendship, honesty and yet more patience will pay off in rewards.



A cautious year is in store for you Rabbits, and not one for you to go leaping in and making hasty decisions. Such decisions can find you wishing you had not made them, later on. Thus, take your time, consider carefully and do not be pushed into anything you do need feel comfortable about. Wealth is favoured but later in the year after a period of hard work. Likewise, in your relationships, take time to know who you are dealing with, and what they really feel. Ignoring a partner can be dangerous this year, so make sure you pay attention and stay happy a home. Single Rabbits can have success, but may have some surprises too. Who you think that person is may not be exactly that, so again take things slowly. Avoid dispute or tiffs. The Rabbit is opposite the Rooster and this opposing energy may give you some trying times and difficult decisions to make. Act with care to finish the year with no regrets. Keep your head down and quietly nibble in your corner. This is not the year for Rabbits to run around in the open field!


A very favourable year for Dragons is in store this year. Energy with the Rooster is extremely positive. Your chances for good luck are the biggest out of all the signs. This is a brilliant year for all things in business, career and finance, with favourable signs and good luck abounding. Finance is generally good, but this is due to management, projects and creativity and not just sudden windfalls or lottery wins. One little blip at the end of the year in finance should be watched out for and budgeted for in advance with a possible surprise extra expenditure coming at you. Do not be unprepared! In love a less of a good year for Single Dragons. What is important is social connections and friendships and communication, which can lead to success. Leaping in quickly can be a little like a phoenix, which burns itself out quickly. So, if you want a relationship and the other person is serious, you will both take your time and build a friendship first. It is mainly a year of personal expansion in other matters. For Dragons in couples a quiet year with quiet progress. Love is good with some memories to be made.


An excellent year for Snakes. Rooster Years resonate well with snakes. Yes, hard work will continue, but the fruits of last year's labours can now start to be seen in abundance! A good year for money and career opportunities. indeed, the best for some time, for those who have tirelessly worked to achieve this. And a poor year for those who have lazed around waiting until now! A good year too for love and relationships all round for Snakes, whether making progress in your love relationship, or wish to meet a new mate, love is on the cards with better balance this year. Singles have high chances of meeting a good mate. Those snakes in long term relationships will need to sort out imbalances or may feel stifled this year. Caring truly for your significant other, consideration and clear communication are key.


This can be a good year for the Horse, but it can feel like it is painfully slow. You are more apt at trotting or galloping, so patience will be a challenge. Just know that it serves a purpose. All things come to those who apply themselves and are patient! Rewards will be seen in career and finance later in the year. Horses in relationships should beware of talking to others about their beloved. This may have unforeseen negative effects. Likewise, holding patience with your beloved is important and not listening to those who may be jealous or think they know better than you do. Relationships this year will be worth it but will need to overcome some hurdles to reach stability. For single Horses this is an interesting year, developments may seem slow, but again there is a reason for this, so you do not work and play until you drop! 


Balance in relationships is key this year. Goats do like a stable relationship and can feel unhappy when single. This year you should not ask too much of your significant other if you are in a couple.  Do not out the pressure on. Just do your best to be happy and balanced. Single goats watch out for wolves in sheep's clothing this year! At work keep your head down and your commitment to others high. Stay impartial and do not listen to gossip or get mixed up in office politics, or you may find yourself fighting in the losing corner. Like the horse, you will see benefits later in the year, but do not be impatient in the first six months. Ultimately this year both career and money are favoured and lucky. You may be able to find new opportunities in business or in your career. But rewards come with hard work. Hard work does pay.


After your year of the Monkey in 2016, the beginning of this year may feel like a bit of a let -down. Progress is to be made this year in business, career and finances but again this is going to take time. Until then, avoid monkeying around or time wasting. Relationship wise this may be a bumpy year, relationships are going to need hard work putting in, but if you get through this year, you will have built new and lasting foundations for years to come. Single Monkeys may feel like their luck is out. Expected the unexpected and do not count your Roosters before they are hatched if you meet a new person. Time will tell whether this is viable or not.


Cock-a-doodle-do, this is your year! And a highly stunning one as well, as this is also a universal year 1. You come bursting in on the scene just like a proud Rooster does! A year of rebirth, transformation, starting new projects and much more.  Roosters who hang on to the past may feel lost. You will need to realise this is the year of the new you and cut ties with the past. The year you lay the seeds for the next 12 years. In partnerships communication is key. Be careful not to forget your significant other in your year of rebirth or problems could ensue. In career, business will make slow and steady progress through your diligence and commitment. Do not spend in advance and make wise decisions with money until success is yours on the work front. Believe and it can happen.


A year of challenges that can lead to success. A year of education, enlightenment and learning. Preparation for this in the first half of the year for fulfilment in the later months. Just make sure that like the inquisitive dog you are, you sniff out all opportunities and then stay with them faithfully. Being a faithful and trustworthy Dog will pay off this year. This is not a year for risky investments. This is not a year to rush forwards in relationships either. The Dog can be a best friend and now is a good time to be one, to build trust, go out for walks and enjoy wholesome and enjoyable moments. Friendships and love relationships built like this can expand. Quick affairs and aggressive behaviour will not have a good result. Pressurising people into commitment may cause sparks, but not the right sort.


Pigs in relationships can expect a peaceful year. Those wishing to meet someone new have high and favourable chances of finding it. Adventure, travel and new encounters are all favoured. This does not mean new encounters will be long lasting! In all relationship, building trust is important this year. A year of more hard work is due, but this year rewards are on the cards with better business prospects, promotions and advancement. This is a great year for money too. You are likely to see more of it in a variety of ways this summer. So, no pig of a year this time round, bounty, hard work and balance can be yours.