The 12 Chinese Zodiac Signs

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Rat: Chinese name: SHU

Season: Winter

Flower: The Orchid

An ambitious personality, and a good sense of organisation.

The Rat is very curious, with a tendency to get involved with the lives of others, and always wanting to know everything about other people. He has a strong character, lively and opportunistic.

He is very emotional and sensitive.

Ox:  Chinese Name; NIU

Season: Winter

Flower: The Violet

A calm patient personality, who has great tenacity and willpower.

He is tireless at work, he has great energy and is very tough.

This is an honest and fair person. He is introverted and makes a reliable friend on whom you can rely. In love he does not like shallow relationships.

Tiger: Chinese Name: HU

Season: Winter

Flower: The Heliotrope

An original personality, bold and a passionate person when in love, faithful in friendship as well as in love.

He often leads a marginal life, unable to organise his plans and projects in a consistent way, does not appreciate discipline much at all.

The Tiger can be arrogant and likes to take risks. He is very optimistic and positive and loves freedom.

Cat or Rabbit: Chinese Name : T

Season: The spring

Flower: Meadowsweet

A discreet and tolerant personality, who enjoys peace and quiet.

He has a highly developed artistic sense. He is very determined has great self -confidence.

He is often solitary and prefers to live in remote places in a city, with a preference for life in the country.

He is very independent. He needs time to complete its life projects successfully and does not like to be hurried.

Dragon: Chinese Name: LONG

Season: The Spring

Flower: The Lotus

The Dragon often has an angry but not vindictive personality.

He has a very humanitarian aspect and is a very reliable and very dedicated person.

The Dragon is very deliberate, if he starts a professional project he will follow it through to the end. He likes to be surrounded with others, he is a very sociable person and open to people

Horse: Chinese Name : MA

Season: The Summer

Flower : Nasturtium

A very independent and impatient personality, the Horse does not like routine and is anti-conformist.

He is a frank and direct person but can   be very unstable in love.

Sometimes he lets himself be overwhelmed by his emotions and does not know to relax. He is very creative and has an amazing vital energy.

Goat: Chinese Name : YANG

Season: The summer

Flower: The Honeysuckle

 A personality with a well-developed artistic sense, the goat has a very stubborn side that sometimes plays tricks on him.

He has no spite, and is tolerant and generous.

A homebody who loves his place of abode and usually decorates it wonderfully.

The goat has a keen artistic sense. In love he is very romantic and affectionate.

Monkey: Chinese Name : HOU

Season: The Summer

Flower: The Elderflower

A very intellectual personality and lively spirit who likes challenges, the Monkey is curious and blessed with great intelligence.

Very selfish, the Monkey is a cunning manipulator who will always get what he wants.

In love he can be very superficial and loves to change partners, he is a suspicious being who does not like to show his weaknesses. Unfortunately, he can often be boastful too!

Rooster: Chinese Name : JI

Season: The autumn

Flower: The Sunflower

The Rooster has a magnetic personality with an easy nature, who pays great attention to his physical appearance.  He is a perfectionist, reflective and of lively spirited. 

This is a kind and caring soul, a humanitarian.

His emotions can sometimes get the better of him, as he is a very sensitive being.

This a remarkable person that one tends to notice and he doesn’t leave you feeling indifferent. 

Dog: Chinese Name: GOU

Season: The Autumn

Flower: The Orange Flower

 A reliable person with a great sense of responsibility whom one can count on. 

The Dog is an anxious soul, often pessimistic that lack an openness of character.

He needs to be reassured and loved.

He is a simple person, reserved, who likes his own company and quiet and relaxation. In love he is very stable and likes harmony.

Pig: Chinese Name: ZHU

Season: The Autumn

Flower: Broom

A solid and stable personality, tolerant, sociable and courageous.

This is an altogether positive person who likes the good things in life.

He enjoys a peaceful and quiet life, he is generous and sensitive.

In love he can love passionately and find it hard to contain his feelings.