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Everything that Chinese Astrology can teach you about yourself and your future

Chinese astrology is a discipline which is well over a thousand years old, which offers the interpretation and analysis of human behaviour. It is an ancient oriental art which offers analysis of the human character, but is also a means to predict the future that the east has used for many, many centuries. Astrology, like psychology, meditation and yoga is a way to discover who we are and to become happier with ourselves.

The traditional Chinese calendar has the distinction of numbering the months and to give name to the years, unlike our Gregorian calendar, which names the months and numbers the years. The passing of time is basically cyclical and based on the observation of the stars, astrologers monitor these based on the solar calendar.
The cycle of the Chinese zodiac renews itself every twelve years, like the four seasons, showing the incessant transformations of yin and yang and of the five elements of fire wood, water, metal and earth.

Chinese astrology is based on astronomical concepts, religion and traditional calendars. From the Year of the Rat to the Year of the Pig, The Chinese astrological system is comprised of twelve animal signs. During the twentieth century, these 12 animal signs were followed by a large number of followers in Asia but also in the West.

Legend has it that the order of the animal signs was determined thousands of years ago by the Buddha himself.

These are, in order: Rat - Ox - Tiger - Cat or Rabbit - Dragon - Snake - Horse - Goat - Monkey - Rooster - Dog - Pig.
To discover your sign, the only thing you need to know is your date of birth




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