What are Decans and Decanates? Calculate yours!

The Decans in Astrology

Understanding the decans and what your decan is, will help you understand your daily and monthly horoscopes. Have you ever wondered why everybody who shares your sun sign does not have the same type of personality as you?  From an astrology point of view, your birth chart is made up of many factors. Naturally, the position of all the planets are taken into consideration. But in astrology, even your sun sign (also known as your earth sign) has divisions. And each division has a different type of planetary influence on it. And consequently, each decan produces a different type of personality.

What Exactly is a Decan?

This word comes from the Latin word DECAS and means "period of ten days." In astrology, each zodiac sign lasts 30 days. This is the time that the Sun travels through each zodiac sign. The twelve astrological signs form a 360 ° circle on which astrologers work. Each of these signs is divided into three equal parts of 10° called decanates. A decanate or decan therefore corresponds to a period of 10 days. The decan is calculated from the exact position of the Sun at birth. The position of the Sun at midnight is indicated in an ephemeris. The ephemeris is a set of astrological tables showing the astronomical position of the planets at any time. This is what astrologers use to calculate your birth chart. By knowing the date and time and place of your birth, all the positions of the planets can be seen in the ephemeris. Likewise, your decan can also be calculated.

The Differences between the Decans

Each decan also has a planet associated with it.These planets become a kind of "secondary ruler" to the individual born under this decanate. The influence of this ruler can therefore often be seen in the personality of the person concerned. A kind of "secondary" or even in some cases a "joint ruler" of the person, that works in conjunction with their existing Sun sign. The decan will be in a sign that is governed by the same type of element as the Sun sign itself. Let us look at an example using Aries, the first sign of the zodiac. Aries is a fire sign. So each of the three decanates will be ruled by a fire sign. The first decanate is under Aries itself, whose planetary ruler is Mars. The second decan comes under Leo, whose ruler is the Sun. And finally, the third decan is Sagittarius, which is ruled by Jupiter. So immediately you see that there are three different decans, and three different planetary rulers for each of the decans. We offer you the chance to discover the Decans further in our section the short astrological guide.

Different Events for Different Decans

A person born in a first decanate, will not have the same events in store for them that a person born a second decanate will have, while both have the same Sun sign. In daily horoscopes, it is not uncommon to see a mention of specific decans, in order to gain greater insight and precision for the astrological forecasts. Also note that the use of decans provides a useful complement to the Sun sign. The goal now is to learn under which decan you were born, in order to have a more refined version of your free daily horoscope! To calculate your decan, please enter your date of birth below:


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